Along with your car inspection – and in the spirit of the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge – you’ll get a bucket that we’ll also fill up. Not with ice water but with prizes you can spin for yourself by turning the K1 Wheel of Fortune!

During the campaign (29 September – 18 October), we’ll donate ten cents (€0.10) each for every bucket committed for work treating ALS (Lou Gehrig’s) disease to the Finnish Neuromuscular Disorders Association!

More info about the contest!

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1.Make an appointment
This way you can make sure the inspection is done at the time and price that are convenient for you.
2. Make sure that your car passes the inspection
Check the inspection areas and the most common grounds for rejection here.
3. Things to remember
When bringing in your vehicle, remember to show the technical part of the registration certificate.
4. During the inspection
You can either follow the inspection process or enjoy a nice cup of coffee and the morning papers.
5. After the inspection
We will go through the results with you and answer any questions you may have.

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